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Miss World Mission Statement

The mission of Miss World South Sudan pageant; is to promote South Sudan’s beauty, culture, talent and inner beauty of all 64 ethnic tribes. Young women from the age of 18 to 24 are judged on personality, culture knowledge, poise and oral communication skills. Our aim is to produce role models with self-confidence, self-worth, and cultural morals.

Brief Miss World South Sudan History

The then semi autonomous Country ‘’Southern Sudan’’ started Miss-World initiative in 2009 in which Ajah Alaak was crowned the queen for the first time, but she did not participate in the international beauty contest following lack of sovereignty. Although South Sudan was invited by Miss World organization in 2011, Atong De Mach could not participate as a result of Visa issues. However in the following year Atong was able to join Miss World Beauty Contest later in 2012, then Manuela Mogga Modong in 2013, and thereafter in the year 2014; Awien Kuanyin-Agoth picked it up to represent South Sudan in the Miss World beauty contest. From then on South Sudan has been competitive and receiving Top twenty five each year.

Organising Staff

Nyanut Ring Von Habsburg is the country director for Miss World South Sudan and CEO of Nile Style. Mrs Von Habsburg is a South Sudanese designer and fashion enthusiasts, her inspirations are driven by her country’s beautiful and natural people. Mary sees Miss World South Sudan and Nile Style as a way of rebuilding identity and pride, with a focus on culture. She aims to showcase South Sudan's rich and unique culture through empowering and building competency among the South Sudanese women. Mrs Von Habsburg’s vision for South Sudan’s representation in Miss World started in 2009 when Nyanut organized a pageant in Juba. Although Miss World denied South Sudan participation due to lack of sovereignty, Nyanut continued to organize local pageants. Her determination in keeping hope alive was rewarded when South Sudan gained independence in 2011. That following year Miss World South Sudan was born and Atong De Mach was sent to compete in Miss World.










Winnie Mayar holds a Bachelors degree in International Studies from University of Illinois-Champaign. She's also the Deputy Director for Miss World South Sudan. Miss Mayar is a South Sudanese cultural enthusiasts. Her pride for South Sudan is what motivates her in ensuring South Sudanese girls have the platform and opportunity to showcase their talent internationally.










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